You go out your house to have a nice swim in the pool. Or just to enjoy the view. What’s missing? Have you ever thought about installing a pool cover?

Pool covers are an excellent way of improving the quality of life for the whole family. But... why? Why install a pool cover?

Have you ever wondered why you should install a cover for your pool? There are various advantages, have a look and find out why.

Cleaning and hygiene
Pools get dirty. That is an undeniable truth. Leaves, dust, dirt, grass and we have even found some insects in the water.
All this means that our treatment system does an extra job and that it is always working.
Of course, the water will be much dirtier and we will have to use cleaning and disinfection products with a greater diligence. This means greater expense, but also worse quality of water where we bathe, which will be full of germs and aggressive disinfectant products.
With a cover all this disappears. Having our pool protected, the amount of dirt that is deposited in the interior is practically non-existent, with the pool only being affected during bathing - and we do not have to exhaust our water purifier or bathe in water full of products.

Energy saving and extending the bathing season
Most people who are lucky enough to have a pool like to bathe for as long as possible. Therefore, many of us have begun by placing a heater to keep the water warm during the autumn and spring.
However, this solution, although very satisfactory for bathing, is not so great on the pocket. If you want to lengthen the bathing season with a heater, the electricity bill will skyrocket without you noticing. Also, in winter, no matter how much heating we have, the ambient temperature is unsuitable for a dip.
On the contrary, by installing a pool cover, you will enjoy a mild temperature all year round, as these installations create a greenhouse effect that enables you to enjoy an environment and water that is warm for many months and without paying a single euro.

No to accidents
When a pool is not in use it is not really useful. The only thing that can happen is that, by accident, we fall into the water. It may be difficult to imagine, but not so much when we take into account the elderly, children or pets.
Covers, from the simplest to the largest, avoid this type of unwanted accident, so that the whole family can enjoy the garden area and the outside area of your home without a problem.

Different space
If you decide on a tall cover, you will have an additional living area, protected from the wind, to store seat pads, cushions, slipcovers and other bathing accessories and the space could even be used as an additional game room.

Design and exclusivity
Investing in a pool cover results in an innovative design and creating a unique and unrivalled environment.
Personalize your cover and make sure you delight in a design that goes best with the style of your home.
Finally, choosing a cover made from the highest quality materials will ensure that all these benefits are much more durable over time and that the investment of your pool cover is for life.

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