Comfort Cover

The Comfort Pool Cover unites aesthetic and comfort, its lines integrate perfectly with your garden.
Do you want to enjoy using the pool a lot more but in the summer you want it fully uncovered? This is no problem; without a doubt this is the model for you.

- Naturally increase water temperature
- Always have a clean pool
- Do not worry, your pool will be completely safe

Unique profiles of primary aluminium extrusion with T6 durability.
Lacquers certified to meet current international regulations Qualicoat / Qualimarine, SEASIDE.
316 stainless steel screws and accessories
Exclusive dual assembly system
Roofs made of foamed polycarbonate with anti-U.V. treatment
Laminated safety glass (total solar protection). The glass will enhance the quality and offer incredible visual aesthetics to your cover.
Materials and accessories of the best quality will make your cover a reliable and durable structure lasting through the years.

How does it work?
The modules are slid one inside the other uncovering the pool in its entirety or partially, all stacking at one end.
There is an option of incorporating different types of openings in the fronts and sides and the possibility of motorizing the cover.

Other aspects
Discover our range of colours. It will not be a problem to integrate the cover with your garden.
Custom covers that are made to measure, we adapt to all spaces. We will give you a comprehensive and effective solution to make your project a reality.

Etiquetas: Cerramiento de porches, Terrazas, Cortinas de cristal

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