Premium Flat Cover

The Extra Flat Premium Cover is a totally visual product, an innovative system where aesthetics comes above all else, with straight lines and top quality materials that pamper every detail. These features make it a unique model in the market.

The design provides safety, cleaning and water heating for your pool with a totally discreet and comfortable system.

Unique profiles of primary aluminium extrusion with T6 durability.
Lacquers certified to meet current international regulations Qualicoat / Qualimarine, SEASIDE.
316 stainless steel screws and accessories
Exclusive dual assembly system
Roofs made of foamed polycarbonate with anti-U.V. treatment

How does it work?
Our bearing system will allow you to open and close your cover in seconds.
The modules slide into each other.

Other aspects
Possibility of ventilation fronts, custom lacquers.
We also offer the possibility of motorizing the cover if desired.

Etiquetas: Cerramiento de porches, Terrazas, Cortinas de cristal

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