Thanks to the built-in motor and the automatic limit switches you can, without any effort, protect your pool, save energy and always keep the water crystal clear. This cover is designed especially for great comfort of use.

Cubrima motorized panels are an excellent choice for customers who do not want to have a tall enclosure and thus minimize the aesthetic impact on their garden.

Safety is a key factor that we must always bear in mind whatever the activity we undertake

Saving is another aspect that the use of our covers will provide. Saving on chemicals, water and energy is something that will be achieved with the help of our motorized panels.

Comfort and ease of handling, make this system useful and effective in turn.

We have two ranges of covers available (raised and submerged) and all of them have the following advantages:

- Effective protection against falling accidentally and possible drowning

- Additional protection against dirt (leaves, soil, insects...)

- Energy saving

- Saving water and chemicals (by reducing evaporation)

- Maintaining a more constant temperature

- Extending the period during which the pool can be used (controlling the temperature)

- Possibility of choosing the colour of the panels

- Pleasant and non-invasive aesthetic.

Our range of panels adhere to the Norm NF 90-308 approved in France by Laboratoire Pourquery Lyon.

Etiquetas: Cerramiento de porches, Terrazas, Cortinas de cristal

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